Our mission is to help Australian families manage cashflow more efficiently and reduce their debt. We want you to enjoy your life today, but also to keep one eye on tomorrow.


With over 35 years of experience, an established Financial Service Organisation saw a need in the Financial Services Industry that no-one else was addressing. From this Prudent Cashflow Mentors was born.

Every year people resolve to sort out their finances, but staying on track or staying motivated can be difficult especially when unexpected costs crop up. A recent major financial survey discovered that one in five Australians are living from pay to pay - So the solution is, Prudent Cashflow Mentors.

At Prudent Cashflow Mentors we believe life is a journey worth planning for. We act as your cashflow mentor; taking a holistic approach about helping you make smart decisions with your money. We act as your financial personal trainer and our role as a mentor is to help you minimise your money fears and cashflow frustrations. By joining us on this journey we’ll help you maximise your chances of financial success so that you have the choice and freedom to live your best life.

We do this by analysing your financial spending and working collaboratively with you to set the best plan to achieve your goals and the outcomes you are seeking. We take a practical approach to the tracking and reporting of your spending by providing regular reporting and reviews to help you stay on track.

As your life evolves we support and guide you through life events. From saving for your first home, to starting a family and planning for school fees, saving for a holiday, changing careers or reducing your working hours; we help you make sense of your spending habits. This gives you choices and more time to enjoy the things that matter most.

We leave you with a sense of accomplishment, a clear direction, feeling calm and in control of your money matters. You will feel a fresh sense of wellbeing that you and your family are living for today while keeping one eye on your tomorrow.

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